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Quantum quenches to the attractive one-dimensional Bose gas: exact results

Lorenzo Piroli, Pasquale Calabrese, Fabian H. L. Essler

SciPost Phys. 1, 001 (2016) · published 14 September 2016


We study quantum quenches to the one-dimensional Bose gas with attractive interactions in the case when the initial state is an ideal one-dimensional Bose condensate. We focus on properties of the stationary state reached at late times after the quench. This displays a finite density of multi-particle bound states, whose rapidity distribution is determined exactly by means of the quench action method. We discuss the relevance of the multi-particle bound states for the physical properties of the system, computing in particular the stationary value of the local pair correlation function $g_2$.

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Attractive Bose gas Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) Bound states Lieb-Liniger model Local pair correlation g_2 One-dimensional Bose gas Quantum quenches Quench Action Stationary states

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