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Density matrices in integrable face models

Holger Frahm, Daniel Westerfeld

SciPost Phys. 11, 057 (2021) · published 14 September 2021


Using the properties of the local Boltzmann weights of integrable interaction-round-a-face (IRF or face) models we express local operators in terms of generalized transfer matrices. This allows for the derivation of discrete functional equations for the reduced density matrices in inhomogeneous generalizations of these models. We apply these equations to study the density matrices for IRF models of various solid-on-solid type and quantum chains of non-Abelian ${SU(2)_3}$ or Fibonacci anyons. Similar as in the six vertex model we find that reduced density matrices for a sequence of consecutive sites can be 'factorized', i.e.\ expressed in terms of nearest-neighbour correlators with coefficients which are independent of the model parameters. Explicit expressions are provided for correlation functions on up to three neighbouring sites.

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