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Spin conductivity of the XXZ chain in the antiferromagnetic massive regime

Frank Göhmann, Karol K. Kozlowski, Jesko Sirker, Junji Suzuki

SciPost Phys. 12, 158 (2022) · published 12 May 2022


We present a series representation for the dynamical two-point function of the local spin current for the XXZ chain in the antiferromagnetic massive regime at zero temperature. From this series we can compute the correlation function with very high accuracy up to very long times and large distances. Each term in the series corresponds to the contribution of all scattering states of an even number of excitations. These excitations can be interpreted in terms of an equal number of particles and holes. The lowest term in the series comprises all scattering states of one hole and one particle. This term determines the long-time large-distance asymptotic behaviour which can be obtained explicitly from a saddle-point analysis. The space-time Fourier transform of the two-point function of currents at zero momentum gives the optical spin conductivity of the model. We obtain highly accurate numerical estimates for this quantity by numerically Fourier transforming our data. For the one-particle, one-hole contribution, equivalently interpreted as a two-spinon contribution, we obtain an exact and explicit expression in terms of known special functions. For large enough anisotropy, the two-spinon contribution carries most of the spectral weight, as can be seen by calculating the f-sum rule.

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