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Noncoplanar magnetic orders and gapless chiral spin liquid on the kagome lattice with staggered scalar spin chirality

Fabrizio Oliviero, João Augusto Sobral, Eric C. Andrade, Rodrigo G. Pereira

SciPost Phys. 13, 050 (2022) · published 5 September 2022


Chiral three-spin interactions can suppress long-range magnetic order and stabilize quantum spin liquid states in frustrated lattices. We study a spin-1/2 model on the kagome lattice involving a staggered three-spin interaction $J_\chi$ in addition to Heisenberg exchange couplings $J_1$ on nearest-neighbor bonds and $J_d$ across the diagonals of the hexagons. We explore the phase diagram using a combination of a classical approach, parton mean-field theory, and variational Monte Carlo methods. We obtain a variety of noncoplanar magnetic orders, including a phase that interpolates between cuboc-1 and cuboc-2 states. In the regime of dominant $J_{\chi}$, we find a classically disordered region and argue that it may harbor a gapless chiral spin liquid with a spinon Fermi surface. Our results show that the competition between the staggered three-spin interaction and Heisenberg exchange interactions gives rise to unusual ground states of spin systems.

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