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Unruh effect for interacting particles with ultracold atoms

Arkadiusz Kosior, Maciej Lewenstein, Alessio Celi

SciPost Phys. 5, 061 (2018) · published 11 December 2018


The Unruh effect is a quantum relativistic effect where the accelerated observer perceives the vacuum as a thermal state. Here we propose the experimental realization of the Unruh effect for interacting ultracold fermions in optical lattices by a sudden quench resulting in vacuum acceleration with varying interactions strengths in the real temperature background. We observe the inversion of statistics for the low lying excitations in the Wightman function as a result of competition between the spacetime and BCS Bogoliubov transformations. This paper opens up new perspectives for simulators of quantum gravity.

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Ultracold atoms

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