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Codebase release 1.0 for GRIFFIN

Lisong Chen, Ayres Freitas

SciPost Phys. Codebases 18-r1.0 (2023) · published 10 October 2023

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This paper describes a modular framework for the description of electroweak scattering and decay processes, including but not limited to Z-resonance physics. The framework consistently combines a complex-pole expansion near an s-channel resonance with a regular fixed-order perturbative description away from the resonance in a manifestly gauge-invariant scheme. Leading vertex correction contributions are encapsulated in form factors that can be predicted or treated as numerical fit parameters. This framework has been implemented in the publicly available object-oriented C++ library GRIFFIN. Version 1.0 of this library provides Standard Model predictions for the IR-subtracted matrix elements for the process $f\bar{f} \to f'\bar{f}'$ with full NNLO and leading higher-order contributions on the Z-resonance, and with NLO corrections off-resonance. The library can straightforwardly be extended to include higher-order corrections, should they become available, or predictions for new physics models. It can be interfaced with Monte-Carlo programs to account for QED and QCD initial-state and final-state radiation.

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