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Codebase release 2.2 for HEJ

Jeppe R. Andersen, Bertrand Ducloué, Conor Elrick, Hitham Hassan, Andreas Maier, Graeme Nail, Jérémy Paltrinieri, Andreas Papaefstathiou, Jennifer M. Smillie

SciPost Phys. Codebases 21-r2.2 (2023) · published 6 December 2023

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We present version 2.2 of the High Energy Jets (HEJ) Monte Carlo event generator for hadronic scattering processes at high energies. The new version adds support for two further processes of central phenomenological interest, namely the production of a W boson pair with equal charge together with two or more jets and the production of a Higgs boson with at least one jet. Furthermore, a new prediction for charged lepton pair production with high jet multiplicities is provided in the high-energy limit. The accuracy of HEJ 2.2 can be increased further through an enhanced interface to standard predictions based on conventional perturbation theory. We describe all improvements and provide extensive usage examples. HEJ 2.2 can be obtained from

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