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Entangled states of dipolar bosons generated in a triple-well potential

Arlei P. Tonel, Leandro H. Ymai, Karin Wittmann W., Angela Foerster, Jon Links

SciPost Phys. Core 2, 003 (2020) · published 11 March 2020


We study the generation of entangled states using a device constructed from dipolar bosons confined to a triple-well potential. Dipolar bosons possess controllable, long-range interactions. This property permits specific choices to be made for the coupling parameters, such that the system is integrable. Integrability assists in the analysis of the system via an effective Hamiltonian constructed through a conserved operator. Through computations of fidelity we establish that this approach, to study the time-evolution of the entanglement for a class of non-entangled initial states, yields accurate approximations given by analytic formulae.

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Entanglement Long-range interactions

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