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Magnetic properties of a multicomponent intermetallic compound Tb$_{0.25}$Dy$_{0.25}$Ho$_{0.25}$Er$_{0.25}$Al$_2$

P. K. Jesla, Jeyaramane Arout Chelvane, R. Nirmala

SciPost Phys. Proc. 11, 013 (2023) · published 6 June 2023

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International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems


Polycrystalline multicomponent Laves phase rare earth intermetallic compound Tb$_{0.25}$ Dy$_{0.25}$Ho$_{0.25}$Er$_{0.25}$Al$_{2}$ has been synthesized by arc-melting and characterized by powder X-ray diffraction, magnetization and heat capacity measurements. The sample has MgCu$_2$-type cubic structure (space group Fd-3m) at 300 K. The compound Tb$_{0.25}$Dy$_{0.25}$Ho$_{0.25}$Er$_{0.25}$ Al$_{2}$ orders ferromagnetically at 50 K (T$_C$). This value is almost equal to the average of the ferromagnetic ordering temperatures of the individual RAl$_2$ (R = Tb, Dy, Ho and Er) compounds. Field dependence of magnetization below T$_C$ indicates soft-ferromagnetic nature. From the magnetization vs field data obtained near T$_C$ and the temperature dependence of heat capacity, low field magnetocaloric effect has been estimated.

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