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Neutron production in ($\alpha$,n) reactions in SOURCES4

Vitaly A. Kudryavtsev, Piotr Krawczun, Rayna Bocheva

SciPost Phys. Proc. 12, 018 (2023) · published 3 July 2023

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14th International Conference on Identification of Dark Matter


Neutrons produced in spontaneous fission and ($\alpha,n$) reactions can induce background events in underground experiments looking for rare processes. A number of computer codes are available to calculate cross-sections of ($\alpha,n$) reactions, branching ratios to various states and neutron yields. SOURCES4 code has been used in this work to calculate neutron yields and energy spectra with input cross-sections and branching ratios taken from experimental data and models from EMPIRE2.19/3.2.3 and TALYS1.9 codes. A comparison of SOURCES4 calculations with experimental data from alpha beams and radioactive decay chains is presented.

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