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Exploring the unknown Lambda-neutron interaction

Benjamin F. Gibson, Iraj. R. Afnan

SciPost Phys. Proc. 3, 025 (2020) · published 25 February 2020

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24th European Few Body Conference


No published Λn scattering data exist. A relativistic heavy-ion experiment has suggested that a Λnn bound state was seen. However, several theoretical analyses have cast serious doubt on the bound-state assertion. Nevertheless, there could exist a three-body Λnn resonance. Such a resonance could be used to constrain the Λn interaction. We dis- cuss Λnn calculations using nn and Λn pairwise interactions of rank-one, separable form that fit effective range parameters of the nn system and those hypothesized for the as yet unobserved Λn system based upon four different ΛN potentials. The use of rank-one separable potentials allows one to analytically continue the Λnn Faddeev equations onto the second complex energy plane in search of resonance poles, by examining the eigenvalue spectrum of the kernel of the Faddeev equations. Although each of the potential models predicts a Λnn sub-threshold resonance pole, scaling of the Λn interaction by as little as ∼5% does produce a physical resonance. This suggests that one may use photo- (electro-)production of the Λnn system from tritium as a tool to examine the strength of the Λn interaction.

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