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The Hoyle Family: break-up measurements to probe α-condensation in light nuclei

Robin Smith, Jack Bishop, Joel Hirst, Tzany Kokalova, Carl Wheldon

SciPost Phys. Proc. 3, 030 (2020) · published 26 February 2020

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24th European Few Body Conference


The 12C Hoyle state is a candidate for α-condensation, due to its large volume and α-cluster structure. This paper discusses precision break-up measurements and how they can elucidate α-condensate structures. Two experiments are discussed in detail, firstly concerning the break-up of 12C and then the decays of heavier nuclei. With more theoretical input, and increasingly complex detector setups, precision break-up measurements can, in principle, provide insight into the structures of states in α-conjugate nuclei. At present, such searches have not delivered evidence for α-condensation in 12C or 16O.

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