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Exploring coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering of reactor neutrinos with the NUCLEUS experiment

by The NUCLEUS collaboration, C. Goupy, H. Abele, G. Angloher, A. Bento, L. Canonica, F. Cappella, L. Cardani, N. Casali, R. Cerulli, I. Colantoni, A. Cruciani, G. Del Castello, M. del Gallo Roccagiovine, A. Doblhammer, S. Dorer, A. Erhart, M. Friendl, A. Garai, V. M. Ghete, D. Hauff, F. Jeanneau, E. Jericha, M. Kaznacheeva, A. Kinast, H. Kluck, A. Langenkämper, T. Lasserre, D. Lhuillier, M. Mancuso, B. Mauri, A. Mazzolari, E. Mazzucato, H. Neyrial, C. Nones, L. Oberauer, T. Ortmann, L. Pattavina, L. Peters, F. Petricca, W. Potzel, F. Pröbst, F. Pucci, F. Riendl, R. Rogly, M. Romagnoni, J. Rothe, N. Schermer, J. Schieck, S. Schönert, C. Schwertner, L. Scola, G. Soum Sidikov, L. Stodolsky, R. Strauss, M. Tamisari, C. Tomei, M. Vignati, M. Vivier, V. Wagner, A. Wex.

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Submission summary

Authors (as registered SciPost users): Chloé Goupy
Submission information
Preprint Link:  (pdf)
Date accepted: 2023-04-28
Date submitted: 2022-11-14 09:32
Submitted by: Goupy, Chloé
Submitted to: SciPost Physics Proceedings
Proceedings issue: 14th International Conference on Identification of Dark Matter (IDM2022)
Ontological classification
Academic field: Physics
  • Gravitation, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Approach: Experimental


The NUCLEUS experiment aims to perform a high-precision measurement of Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering (CEvNS) at the EdF Chooz B nuclear power plant in France. CEvNS is a unique process to study neutrino properties and to search for physics beyond the Standard Model. The study of CEvNS is also important for light Dark-Matter searches. It could be a possible irreducible background for high-sensitivity Dark-Matter searches. NUCLEUS is an experiment under construction based on ultra-low threshold (~20 eVnr) cryogenic calorimeters, operated at tens-of-mK temperatures.

Author comments upon resubmission

The manuscript has been revised in order to reduce the length. The introduction has been shortened and some details have been removed.

List of changes

- Shortened the introduction
- Remove some details in the body text
- Corrected some typos

Published as SciPost Phys. Proc. 12, 053 (2023)

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