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Frequency-independent optical spin injection in Weyl semimetals

Yang Gao, Chong Wang, Di Xiao

SciPost Phys. Core 7, 002 (2024) · published 22 January 2024


We demonstrate that in Weyl semimetals, the momentum-space helical spin texture can couple to the chirality of the Weyl node to generate a frequency-independent optical spin injection. This frequency-independence is rooted in the topology of the Weyl node. Since the helicity and the chirality are always locked for Weyl nodes, the injected spin from a pair of Weyl nodes always add up, implying no symmetry requirements for Weyl semimetals. Finally, we show that such frequency-independent spin injection is robust against multiband corrections and lattice-regularization effect and capable of realizing all-optical magnetization switching in the THz regime.

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